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Neck Pain Relief

What is neck pain?

A pain in the neck can be caused by many things but are generally caused a result of an  injury such as whiplash, a muscular problem, a trapped nerve, poor posture or arthritis. Neck pain is very common and most people will experience it at some point within their life.  

Neck pain symptoms varies from a slight discomfort to a severe or chronic pain which can immobilise the suffer until treatment or pain relief has been given. The pain can also come on suddenly and be very intense, this is known as a crick in the neck and is usually a muscular problem such as a stiff neck or caused by arthritis.

What is the cause of neck pain

Neck pain can be triggered by many things such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Sleeping in an awkward position or using an uncomfortable pillow
  3. An injury such as slipped disc, trapped nerve, whiplash
  4. Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time
  5. rheumatoid arthritis

What can you do to help relieve the pain

Neck pain is very rarely caused by anything serious, and in most cases will disappear within a week or so. There are several things you can do to help relieve the pain, such as keeping active, by this we don’t mean going for your daily jog, but try to go to work, walk around the house, and move the neck without causing pain.

If you visit your health professional then they will carry out an examination which will involve testing the movement of the neck, checking for any trapped nerves, examination of the muscles, spine, joint and hands. Your health professional may well prescribe you will anti inflammatory drugs or pain killers.

An alternative to using prescribed drugs that you can use in the comfort of your own home is to use a tens machine. This will provide instant neck pain relief and will also encourage your body to produce more of its natural endorphins.

Should you be worried about a pain in the neck

In rare cases a neck pain can be caused by meningitis, usually the sufferer will also experience a rash or fever, therefore if you experience any other symptoms whilst suffering with neck pain its advisable to seek urgent medical assistance.

Furthermore if you are experiencing pain following a head injury you must also seek urgent medical assistance.

Long term neck pain

If the pain is being experienced for a longer period of time then it is advisable to see your GP. Who may advise that you see a chiropractor, physio or receive acupuncture.  

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