Pregnancy tens or labour tens machines have been used for some time to help combat the pain during child birth.

The device is a small hand held unit which has electrode pads connected to the device via wires. When in operation the device omits a very small electrical current usually in pulses that effectively block out the bodies pain signals being sent to the brain via the spinal cord.

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The pads are attached to your back, usually two near the top of your back and two on your lower back. The pulses sent from the machine can then block out the pain. The main advantage of using a pregnancy tens machine is that it is completely natural, drug free way of controlling the pain. This is why many mothers today choose to use a pregnancy tens machine as they are completely safe and will not harm your baby.

The machines themselves usually have 2 preset settings, one to block out the pain signals in the body and the other, which is a lower pulse, to encourage your body to produce its own natural pain relief know as endorphins. On some models there are boost buttons to increase the signal to provide further relief.

The main advantages of using a pregnancy tens machine are:-

  • Drug free and totally safe
  • Widely recognised form of pain relief
  • Recommended by many health profressionals
  • The unit can be self controlled during labour
  • The units are small and portable which allows you to continue wearing then device evening when walking
  • Instant pain relief
  • Nil side effects to you or your baby
Unfortunately maternity units do not provide pregnancy tens machines, so it is recommended that you buy your own prior to giving birth. There is a wide selection of units available on the market with prices starting from around 20 pounds. You can view a good range here. 
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