Microcurrent Therapy  is a unique treatment that uses very low-level of  microcurrents for relieving pain, curing soft tissues, healing inflammation and treating several other health problems. Each tissue in our body possesses its own individual electrical frequency. This  gets disturbed by an injury or a disease. We can generate electrical signals similar to the natural signals that the  body produces for repairing its damaged tissues. This can help in accelerating the healing process. Microcurrent therapy is used to restore the normal current frequencies within the body cells. This  results in phenomenal improvements in pain, inflammation, and other functions.

Microcurrent therapy devices are approved by FDA , The Food and Drug Administration and the therapy is recommended to be used for improving the blood circulation and range of movements, decreasing and muscular spasm and energizing nerves and muscles. This treatment is also successfully used for retarding or preventing  the atrophy of tissues in the muscles. Many doctors  use Microcurrent therapy  equipment for various other treatments as “off-label use.”

Microcurrent therapy can cut down swelling and inflammation ,stop acute or chronic pain, help release the muscle trigger points and improve regeneration of soft tissues.

Every living being has its own individual cells that carry a positive electrical charge and a negative charge in its neighboring membrane. These cells and the nervous system work with their own direct current as well as  pulse energy. There will be no life in absence of these. The pain will usually start as the capillary pores dilate. This allows some quantities of blood proteins into  the cellular portions and causes building up of fluids and inflammation resulting in pain as a few cells do not receive  proper quantity of oxygen and other nutrients. Consequently the cellular function is retarded.

Microcurrent therapy provides the electrical energy to stimulate and boost up the circulatory system in every cell in the body. As the blood circulates  through the pain area, it takes more oxygen and thus  encourages a quicker natural healing. Microcurrent therapy excites an amazing increase in ATP. This energizes all biochemical functions in the human body.  It also improves the protein synthesis needed for repairing of tissues. The increase in the blood flow and reduction in the inflammation results into decrease in pain as well as muscle spasm and expanded  range of movements.

This treatment works as a blessing for the patients suffering with chronic pain.  It is also beneficial  many conditions, which often do not respond to traditional treatments.

The patient reclines comfortably as the certain microcurrent frequencies are supplied to targeted tissues. The therapist directs the currents and keeps moist and warm towels over the affected area and uses electrodes with gloves to make the current pass. Normally, a treatment course will include a number of these sessions, and the results will appear after some time.

Microcurrent therapy is  becoming popular with  professional athletes and several sports persons. The microcurrent therapy uses different frequencies on the targeted tissues, it has proved to be a wonderful treatment for back pain, arthritis, diabetic ulcers, fibromyalgia, slow-healing wounds, headaches, sports injuries, neuropathy, tendon and ligament pain ,sciatica and shingles.

It is also used for aged people for treatment of many ailments such as: muscle spasm of the back, cervical, lumbar and dorsal spine; headaches due to cervical spine, chronic nerve root irritation; arthritis of hip, knee and shoulder etc.

Micro current therapy is a FDA-approved safe treatment for many conditions. It has no adverse side effects.  However, it is not to be used on people who have pacemakers or on pregnant women. It is necessary that the patient be well-hydrated before and after applying treatment. Patients with chronic back pain need one session every week for 5 to 6 weeks. Those who have pain for more than five years, require more sessions for treatment to get a significant of relief.

Microcurrent Therapy is more effective than Tens as it uses micro currents. In place of blocking the nerves causing pain, it stimulates and regenerates the damaged tissues. It is successful in nearly 85 % of cases as compared to Tens where success rate is about 45%. The treatment is easier  with almost no side effects except a mild redness caused in a few cases at the spots where electrode are placed. The redness normally  disappears within 10 minutes. There is no discomfort to the patient the stimulated  bio-electrical changes still carry on even after the treatment.

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