The LG-Quad combo is LGMedSupply’s newest addition. The LG-Quad combo offers a four unit combo, which includes a Tens Unit, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit and a Micro-current Unit. As usual with LGMedSupply’s units the LG-Quad combo is a highly portable unit and can be run off a 9v battery or plugged into the mains with the included AC adapter. This unit comes with 4 electrodes which are dual channel which can be placed around the area of pain. The pulse rate, pulse width and intensity can all be adjusted so that you can find a setting which offers the most effective pain relief.

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Let’s have a look at some of the features of the LG-Quad Combo

  • 4 -1 unit – Tens Unit, Muscle Stimulator, Interferential Unit and a Micro current Unit.
  • Can be used to increase blood circulation, enhance muscles and provide chronic pain relief.
  • Built in timer
  • Comes complete with electrodes, battery, ac adapter, belt clip and carry case.
  • Dual channels.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

This unit is a great universal unit and offers everything you will need from tens unit. Whilst its not the cheapest on the market it offers all of the features you would expect from a tens unit and can be used for a number different treatments.

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