The LG-3000 basic tens units is LGMedSupply’s most basic unit. Whilst it does not offer all of the features that the more expensive units do, its ideal for a person who is only looking to use a tens machine for a short period of time or is on a budget. The unit comes with 4 electrodes which are dual channel and you can place around the area of pain. You can adjust the intensity, pulse rate and pulse width so that you can find a setting which is most effective for you. The LG-3000 is a small portable unit which runs off a standard 9v battery, and is great if you want to take the unit with you to work for example.

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Let’s have a look at some of the features of the LG-3000:-

  • Supplied with carry case, electrodes & battery
  • 4 electrode pads for maximum relief
  • 3 Treatment modes for varying pain relief
  • Suitable for both acute and chronic pain
  • Dual Channels
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

This unit is suitable for helping to control acute or chronic pain all over your body and the electrodes can be used on your feet, back, neck and shoulders.

Overall the LG-3000 is amazing value for money. It doesn’t pack all of the features of the more expensive units but is great if you want to try of pain relief from a tens unit.


See Available Tens Units Here

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it.

Terry W. Thompson

This was to replace a tens unit that was old and the pads needed to be replaced.

For the price I felt a new unit would be a good choice.

I was right. Very good unit. It is a basic unit but does more than my old one and better.

I was in severe pain so I paid for overnight delivery; got it by 10am the next morning, and was able to stay at work, and after a few days my back was bearable again.